PCS Construction delivers services within surface treatment mainly for ships

Our aim is to deliver in a safe and rational way.


PCS Construction is looking for 4 qualified supervisors

Posted on:

April 27, 2018

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PCS Construction is looking for 4 qualified supervisors

Posted on:

April 27, 2018

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We have since 2005 delivered surface treatment services for the largest shipyards in Norway, we have qualified workers and good leaders with long experience in the field. We gladly take the responsibility for a whole new building or maintenance project if it is desired. We handle all inspections, approvals and documentation. We have a large range of equipment which is important when it comes to executing several projects in parallel. We can mobilize on short notice and we gladly visit the shipyards before making an offer.


The company has been responsible for scaffolding for several shipyards for many years - today we have 40 certified scaffolders at different locations in Norway. We meet all current requirements within the segment, which is important in terms of documentation and HSE. We build most of the systems and have our own scaffolding material that can be used. We will gladly visit you for an inspection if needed.

Tank work

We have good experience in blasting and maintenance of tanks, in recent years we have handled many RSW fish tanks and freshwater tanks. Maintenance of ballast tanks is something we work with daily. We also take on projects on land-based tanks – referring to one of our recent assignments for ST 1 in Haugesund, Bodø and Larsgården in Ålesund.


We have Blastrac Machine for abrasive blasting of decks and we happily take assignments all over Norway. We can supply prices for shot blasting, painting and application of deck coating. Our references include the gas ferries between Bergen and Stavanger where we had the main responsibility for all of the grit blasting and laying of deck coating on 5 new ships. We will gladly visit you and offer you a total price or m2 price.


We have certified NORSOK workers and gladly take on assignments within different systems. Our total assignments involve execution and documentation. We have our own KS (quality assurance) system that the company uses daily during such assignments.

Consultant work

We would be happy to take on any assignment when it comes to calculation of costs, whether it is a new ship or maintenance work. Feel free to contact us if you need an inspector or a professional assessment.

Frosio inspectors

Pcs Construction has Frosio inspectors - if you need an inspector or if the project has PSPC requirements, we can take the job with inspections and the required documentation as well.

Docking work

Maintenance work is a big part of our daily work - we can take total responsibility for surface treatment and scaffolding. We have equipment for sandblasting, UHP (ultrahigh pressure) and Ecoquip blasting if needed. Our personnel has a vast experience which is very important in terms of taking on projects in short notice and in case of time pressure. We can mobilize quickly.


We take assignments on sailing ships - if you need assessments before docking we can come on board to calculate time and costs. We also provide maintenance services on board while sailing which can reduce the docking time. We have the necessary equipment and the qualified personnel for such assignments.


Pcs Construction can deliver paint to your assignment - we have good deals with paint suppliers, and we are happy to calculate consumption before startup. We gladly contribute with the execution of paint specification if desired.

Oil and gass

Pcs Construction supplies labor to land-based oil and gas installations in Norway - we have good cooperative agreements with major companies in surface treatment and scaffolding.